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All CollectionsHow does Boloo Warehousing work?
What does Boloo Warehousing cost?
What does Boloo Warehousing cost?

An easy overview to give you insight into what you will be paying.

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What are the costs associated with using warehousing? πŸ€”

The costs consist of two components: storage costs and shipping costs from the warehouse. The storage costs are invoiced monthly in arrears with a payment term of 30 days. Cashflow! βœ…

What do the storage costs include?

The storage costs are €0.60 per pallet per day (excluding VAT) for the first 10 pallets. If you store more than 10 pallets on average per month, you will pay €0.30 per pallet per day (excluding VAT) for all additional pallets!

What do the transport costs include?

That depends on the size of the delivery you request from us. We will always look for the most cost-effective shipping option by comparing parcel delivery (individual boxes) and pallet delivery. You will receive the invoice for transport costs within a few days after the delivery request, often within 1 day. You have a payment term of 30 days for this invoice!

Parcel delivery πŸ“¦

The shipping cost for multiple boxes with different weights is calculated based on the average weight per box.

For example: You have 1 box weighing 8 kilograms and 1 box weighing 14 kilograms. The average weight of the two boxes is 11 kilograms because (8 kg + 14 kg) / 2 boxes = 11.

The rate will then fall into the category 'weight up to 15 kilograms'. For the Netherlands, it will be €6.25 + €4.25 = €10.50.

For Belgian entrepreneurs, it will be €8 + €8 = €16.
​Tariffs for the Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

Tariffs for Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

Tariffs for Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

For an outgoing delivery from the warehouse, an administration fee of 7.50 euros is charged for a pallet shipment, and an administration fee of 2.95 euros for a parcel delivery.

The retrieval costs for a pallet delivery are 2.55 euros per pallet, or 50 cents per box for a parcel delivery.

Pallet delivery 🚚

These are the costs for standard pallets (80x120cm). Length and other size pallets are also possible, please contact our customer service for this.

The rates for Germany are for the delivery of pallets in Dortmund and the surrounding area. This includes:

The pallet prices for the Netherlands and Belgium do not include a diesel surcharge. This surcharge is variable, and you can find the specific percentage in the calculator. For pallets heading to Germany, the diesel surcharge is already included.

For outgoing deliveries from the warehouse, there is an administration fee of €7.50 for pallet shipments and €2.95 for parcel shipments.

The handling costs for a pallet delivery are €2.55 per pallet, or €0.50 per box for a parcel delivery.


For deliveries of 5 boxes or fewer, we will always do a parcel delivery. For 6 boxes or more, we will always deliver on a pallet.

Additionally, there may be extra costs for special types of pallets (e.g., length pallets).

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