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What is Boloo Warehousing? πŸ€”
What is Boloo Warehousing? πŸ€”

Find out what it is and what the benefits are!

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Boloo Storage offers you the following services:

  • Storing (a part of) your shipment for as long as you want, whether it's one week, one month, or one year – we're flexible!

  • If you request delivery on weekdays before 11:00 AM, we will send the boxes to the specified address on the same day.

  • Free quality check of your shipment. If there are any issues, you will be informed immediately. 🧐

  • Labeling of products with bSKU labels or product labels at a cost of 0.20 euros per label.

Advantages of Boloo Warehousing:

  • Low storage costs compared to Fulfilment Centers or LvB (Local Storage). At Boloo Storage, you pay 0.50 euros per day per pallet for storage costs. If you store an average of more than 10 pallets per day in a month, the cost reduces to 0.25 euros per day per pallet. βœ…

  • A buffer for your inventory at your Fulfilment or LvB, or your home address. No need to manage your inventory by renting a warehouse yourself.

  • Flexibility to scale up or down. You only pay for the locations you occupy in the warehouse on a daily basis.

  • We calculate the number of pallets you occupy daily, so you won't be charged storage costs for an entire week if you have only one pallet stored for one day.

  • You can flexibly send boxes to any address of your choice. With our cut-off time of 11:00 AM, you can easily manage your inventory at your Fulfilment or LvB. Requesting a delivery before 11:00 AM on weekdays means it will be delivered the next day!

  • No need to stay at home to receive (sea freight) shipments.

  • You will receive a monthly invoice for storage costs payable afterwards. πŸ’°

  • 24/7 access to your inventory with our storage portal. 😎

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