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All CollectionsHow does Boloo Warehousing work?
How does Boloo Warehousing work?
How does Boloo Warehousing work?

How do I request storage services?

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You can use Boloo Warehousing when you also ship your goods through Boloo Forwarding. Here are the steps:

1. Make a booking with Boloo Forwarding: We handle the entire logistics process from China to the Netherlands. During the booking process, you will be able to specify the number of boxes for each product that you want to store in our warehouse. Please note that for now, you need to communicate the quantity of boxes you want to store from your shipment through the chat or email.

2. Receipt of your products in our warehouse: We receive your products from China and complete the customs clearance process. Then, we perform a quality check on the boxes to ensure their condition and verify the quantity. If there are any discrepancies, we will inform you immediately.

3. Stock placement: We place your products in stock and ensure their safety. From this point onwards, we have accurate visibility of the number of boxes in stock.

4. Request for delivery: If you want to store your products in LvB, your fulfillment center, or your own warehouse, you can easily request a delivery through the dashboard. If you submit a delivery request before 11:00 AM, it will be delivered the next working day in the Netherlands and Belgium. To request a delivery, log in to the portal using your Boloo Forwarding credentials.

5. Ready for sales! πŸ’° Your products are now in the hands of your fulfillment center, LvB, or warehouse and ready to be sold. βœ…

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